Decorating Services

E- Decorating Services

Furniture Refresher: 

$50: To be advised on how to refresh furniture you already have, whether its with paint, fabric, etc. 
Refresh Your Space:

As The Client -
You have a good idea of what their personal style is, but would like the advice of a professional to help execute it. 
What You Do -
Via  email, identify any design dilemmas or specific needs. Provide me with detailed information including photos of the space (one of each wall and a full room shot), measurements, and a sketch floor plan if possible ( just simple lines to show how the room in laid out). I also ask that you send a few pictures of what your design style is, whether it’s images you’ve seen on my blog,  or anywhere on the internet. This will allow me to help give you a space you love! 
  • Establish a realistic budget for me to follow.
  • Online Shopping (I'll find and you buy). I will do my best to find stores near you that have products that will please your eye. (If we have trouble doing this due to the area that you live, I would be willing to find items and have them shipped to you, but that will cost more, and you would have to pay up front.)
  • Send pictures of furniture you are willing refresh. 
  • DIY the projects or sub out the jobs, such as hiring a painter, finish carpenter, or a flooring company. 
  • Execute all the design ideas from the step by step plan I give you.
What I Do -
Via phone or email, I will advise you on what to change in your room, and how to execute all of your ideas on a budget.
  • Find products that work within your budget, and that are in your area. 
  • Suggest paint (colors, brands, and glosses), wall decor, window treatments, fabric, flooring, furnishings, and other accessories for your room.
  • Turn all of our combined ideas into a beautiful space!
Pricing -  

$175- To refresh a space through E-Decorating. You may ask me any decorating questions you have.  

$375- To refresh a space in person. 

 $25/hour for full service decorating. 

Holiday Decorating:

$125 to decorate with items you already have. 

Additional -$35 to shop for additional items, or to start from scratch. You pay for items.

Additional- $20 to put up tree. Artificial only. 

For more information please contact me at

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