Sunday, February 12, 2012


Oh the things you can do with stencil, you can transform pretty much anything. Below are some pretty fabulous stenciling creations!

I love Stenciled Floors, its an easy way to freshen up an old drab space!

Fabulous. Great design and love the color choice.

Very unique way to stencil a room, I would love to try this!

Great way to freshen up an rickety old staircase.

I actually just bought a very similar lattice stencil like this. I really want to stencil the backs of my bookshelves.

I like how they made this stencil look faded, it was lightly brushed on. It gives it a vintage feel.

Oh how I love Grey!!

Great way to update furniture!

Photo's Via: Praire Perch, Isabella and Max Rooms, Studio be Creative Juice, Pretty Haus, Style Files, Dream Green DIY, Danielle Oakey Interior, Stay at Home Artist, Houzz, Etsy

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