Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The fireplace is often the focal point in fabulous rooms. I love fireplaces so much, that in my first college rental I had a faux fireplace built. Everyone that walked in to the space asked to move in, it was very comfy! We called it college chic, it was simple, but elegant for college. The picture doesn't do it justice! :) I've since moved, and brought my fireplace with me, it has a different more grown up feel now. Enjoy!

New Version

College Version

The pictures are not impressive at all. In the picture the proportions look way off, I promise they are not that bad in person. :) I will soon put up picture of my new space, I just need the right pictures for that, I'll probably bring in my photographer friend. :)

Country Living

Decor Pad

Very Chic!

Living Room 21

Decor Pad

I really love this room, the built-ins really make it cozy. I probably would of put a larger mirrior over the mantel, but it still looks nice.

Decor Pad

Genuine Style

Tea Party Crasher

Rustic and Lovely!

Katie D-I-D

Be Inspired Live Inspired

A little to busy for me, but very unique.

Moss Eclectic

Blonde Blue Blog

Style Redux

I enjoy the look of a cluttered fireplace like the above picture.

Decor Pad

Loft and Cottage

Delicious Design

Faux fireplace or close fireplace, love the mirror in the bottom. This would help make a room appear larger.

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