Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Chandelier

Chandeliers are the ultimate accessory, and my favorite. If I had it my way I would put one in every room. They are the most elegant piece in home accessories, and are simply just lovely. They can sometimes be a bit on the expensive side, I have a way around that. I get a lot of my chandeliers form thrift stores, garage sale, junk store and second hand shops, and paint them. Those ugly brass chandeliers are everywhere in those types of places, you only have to do 2 things. Find out if the the chandelier is wired and ready, if not ask an electrician to rewire it. It should be very inexpensive, and quick. The next step grab some spray paint, for a more modern look go for high gloss, that's what I use on all my projects. My go to colors are black and white, but if you're feeling bold go for a color like turquoise or pink. Below are some photos of rooms with beautiful chandeliers that hopefully give you some ideas.

Coastal Living

Design Hotels

Decor Pad

I know this is a post on chandeliers but, how awesome is the giant lamp in the corner.

Decor Pad

I adore this room, simply perfect.

House to Home

I love the look of different chandeliers hanging next to each other, something about it is so chic.

House Beautiful

Material Girls Blog

Cottage Mag Pie

Soooo Chic! A bit shabby chic.

Conspicuous Style

Darling room!

Classic Interior by Selle and Amy

Ken Rashs Outdoor Furniture

Fine Living Muse


I adore this type of chandelier.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mixing Patterns!

When you start mixing patterns and styles in rooms, you create a eclectic look. Someone who loves to mix patterns, colors, and furniture styles, have fun decorating, and that's the way it should be. Try to enjoy decorating, create a space that reflects your personality, that way you will love to spend time in it.

Knotting Hill Interiors

Knotting Hill Interiors


Interior Original

Knotting Hill Interiors

House Beautiful

Birdhouse Interiors

St. Houzz

Confetti Style

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