Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beautifully Boho

Oh how I love the Boho look! Whether it's in clothes, jewelry, or home decor, it's by far my favorite style. There are really no rules to follow and you can mix and match everything (in fact, the more you mix and match, the better it looks). I've found several looks that are very pleasing to the Boho eye.

Inspire Bohemia

This one is tough as it can be classified as different styles; the reason it can be called Boho is the mix of every type of style, texture, and unorganized layout. The unorganized layout simply makes the look lovely.

Theo Chic Decorating

Theo Chic Decorating

This looks like a mix of Victorian and Bohemian, it works quite nicely together.

Zuniga Interiors

I love everything about this room: the textures, colors and furniture. It's all so different but when put together, it's lovely.

Creamy Life

Project Nursery

Inspire Bohemia

Inspire Bohemia

Meow! I love these painted floors, so unique.

My Home Ideas

The Glam Lamb

Mostaza Seed

Minas Decor and Fashion

From Moon to Moon

Apartment Therapy

From Moon to Moon

This is a tiny room, but look at what you can do with just a little bit of imagination.

Elements of Style


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rooms With A View!

When you're lucky enough to live somewhere that has a view, your real estate is almost always worth more. Even more importantly, the view can make a room absolutely spectacular. When I go on vacation, I always get rooms with views (whether its a Chicago city scape, a California ocean and city view, a Vegas Bellagio fountain, or a strip view). My personal favorite is a cityscape. I love lights; to date, the most spectacular view I have ever seen is the view on top of the Getty Museum in California at night. I will never forget that view as long as I live. Trust me, I will be back. A room that is lucky enough to have a viewcan usually be centered around that view. Minimal decorating is needed, the view speaks for itself. Below, I have researched some rooms with the most spectacular views; absolutely beautiful. I dream of one day having a view like this from my home. These pictures pretty much leave me speechless.

Anguilla Bird


House Beautiful

Quest Apartment


Weare Private

OMG... One day I will get to see this beautiful sight in person!

Trip Advisor

Home Hunts



Lush Bling





Kiwi Collection

Kiwi Collection

Kiwi Collection

Kiwi Collection

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