Monday, July 4, 2011

New York Loft Living

In honor of booking my plane ticket to New York City, I decided to do a post on the wonderful loft living in NYC. This will be my first trip to NYC, and I must say I am very excited for it. My camera will be snapping photos of the amazing architecture the entire time. Oh what I would give to be able to design and live in one of these. I can only imagine the beautiful views outside these windows, I'm a sucker for an amazing view. The level of design is endless with open floor plans like these. This is pretty much a designers dream! Well at least this designers dream! :) Hope you enjoy the images below!

Design Apothecary

I love the chandeliers, but I would prob add more modern features. This space has great potential.

Urban Turf

Vacation Idea

La Boheme

NY Mag

The Pol Art Group

My vision of my own NY loft would definitely have exposed brick, a very similar sofa, and prob the same tall windows. :)

Once was Loved

I want that ottoman.

Loft Addict

Minus the furniture, this is my exact vision of my imaginary NY loft. Those windows are mind blowing!!!!

Digs Digs

This is Nicholas Cages NY Loft, pretty swanky! Stunning View!

Once Was Loved

I can only imagine that large bookcase being my decorating books.

Katrina Roxburgh Illustration

Love the ceiling and support beams in this one.

Loft Life Mag

Apartment Therapy

What a girl could do with this blank canvas!!

Apartment Therapy


  1. love that first room. I'm a total chandelier freak!

  2. Fantastic Post Kyrstan! I'm all about exposed bricks lately, can't tell you how much I loved the pics you've posted! Hey, I'm hosting a Catrina Sculpture giveaway. Would you like to participate? Huge hug and best wishes! XoXo


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