Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Celebrity Closets

A closet is a girl's best friend! I dream of having a closet like this one day, but I would probably not ever have one as large as Mariah's. I think that any closet can be made darling: just organize it, paint it, add curtains instead of a door and use wooden hangers. Voila!!

Sex and the City Replica closet that someone had designed for their home. This project cost them $175,000. Wow, that's a price for a home! :)

Mariah Carey's Closet

Mariah Carey's Closet

This is outrageous, it's the size of a department store. I think if I remember correctly, on Oprah she said her closet was an entire floor of her multiple story apartment.

Nicky Hilton's Closet

Miley Cyrus's Shoe Closet

Eva Longoria's Closet

Paris Hiton's Closet

I'm proud of Paris; it's not overdone, just cute and colorful. In love with the chandelier!

Fashion Star Anna Sui's Closet

Nanette Lepore

Striking!! I'm obsessed with the ottoman and pretty much the overall look of this room.


  1. I have my own walk in but I must add it's no where as big as these pics!! :(
    I would so love to have mariah careys or paris hiltons. How nice!

  2. omg, i need to have a combo of all of these closets in my life asap!

    love your blog, following you now :)



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