Thursday, January 13, 2011

Delightful Office Spaces

I believe that everyone deserves to love what they do. The space where you work should reflect your design taste. Why not decorate your office to the nines, creating a space you love to spend time in, which in return will help you enjoy your career even more!

Home Office Design Blog


This is very well decorated. It looks like they turned a story and a half into a charming office space. My friend's house has a very similar room, I have always thought that it would make a great office.

Ballard Design

Decor Pad
Absolutely adore this office!

Fashion Mista

Remodeling Center
Turning a closet into a built in office is a very popular trend especially in small spaces. I personally love this trend, it's very efficient.

Room Envy

Sweet Nothings Blog

This is definitely a designer's office. I would love to have an office like this with a library of my design books on one wall. Just Lovely!

ENochLAU Blog

Great for a "His and Her" office; very simple but still very elegant.


  1. love the decor pad too! (hii!)

  2. love the office spaces! good ideas for inspiration!

  3. I love all the white in the first pic...and nothing beats a ton of natural light beaming through! I also think it's great that it opens right up to the outside for when you need to clear your head a little, take a breath of fresh air, or just look around and enjoy nature, gather inspiration, and sip on some tea. I'm also crazy about the one from decorpad. That space is GORGEOUS. It's tiny, but they worked beautifully with that- storage up to the ceiling in all white, pure natural light, and that stunning mirrored desk and pendant. The perfect combination of shapes, styles, and finishes...they did everything right to create maximum impact that doesn't overwhelm the space. (I'm telling you, I'm drooling on my netbook this very second.) And that designer's office from sweetnothings- clutter and scattered messiness in a room drives me bonkers, but only a designer could have an office that was this chaotic and breathtakingly divine at the same time. I wish all the mess in my house always looked this good.


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