Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wallpaper ♥

The world of wallpaper has taken on a life of its own. Five years ago when I heard the word wallpaper, I immediately thought of floral covered walls. YUCK! I also think of the impossible challenge of removing it from your walls. These days, for most wallpapers, you just simply ask your local paint store for the paint that covers wallpaper and you're ready to decorate! Ever since I began watching Divine Design, I have discovered the world of simply divine rooms that have been decorated with wallpaper. Below are a few of my favorites I was able to find.

Decor Pad

So Chic!

Select Wallpaper (Candice Olson)

This cal sisil, I am unaware of the exact spelling, but I first saw this on the wall of the mother's house on the TV show Brothers and Sisters. I loved the look of it throughout the house. I tried to find pictures to no avail.

Farnworth Design Studio (Candice Olson)

Candice Olson

Style Estate

Decor Pad

DWC Blog

The Lennoxx

Love, Love, Love!

Decor Pad

This is a great way to decorate with wallpaper and not drain your bank account. It looks amazing!

Nicnacmaniac Blog

Great Interior Design

Looks great in an entry, too!

Drown Design Inc.

A room such as a half bath is also a great place to decorate with wallpaper when you're not wanting to spend a lot of money. It's a small space and still make a large statement.

Room Envy

I love every single one of these spaces!

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