Thursday, August 19, 2010

When Rustic Works ♥

Decor Pad

Absolutely adore this! Love the beams, the openness, the white, and the chandeliers!

St. Houzz

The rustic fireplace, with the barn wood coffee table, and in the mix, the Kansas flower. This is one of the only times I enjoy that flower. Here's a tip for all those who like to use sunflowers in their kitchen, use it in MODERATION or not at all. ;)
I dedicate these doors to my momma, she loves this style of french doors.

ABC Design

I love this whole space. The lantern lighting the black walls with white accents, the rustic table top, (looks like possibly barn boards), and the white kitchen. I'm ready to move in!

Shelter Pop

Alkemie's Blog
Living etc.

I would call this New York loft rustic. Claudia you might like this one!

Set News

AJC Home Finder

Modern Rustic- Can't go wrong with antlers on the wall. That is a nice touch of man. I love the black distressed fireplace!

Country Living

This room I could definitely live in. Tiny touches of rustic with the stone on the fireplace, greenish colored built-ins, and the exposed beams, make this a very versatile room.

Decor Pad

Rustic yet modern. This room seems is the type of rustic I could live in.

Anteks Home

This look comes strait off my friend Claudia's ranch. Just kidding, she's in a phase. :)

The Cabin at Winer Green

The Arrangement

House to Home

The exposed beams and the natural color cabinets, it what makes this space rustic. It is probably not my first choice, nor in my top ten, but for a client that wants a rustic look , this is perfect!

Mammoth Jet Living

I took a break from color, to help those of you who enjoy the rustic cabin look, but do not know how to achieve it. It has never been my favorite style of decorating but doing this post has really helped my outlook on this type of space. There is so many things you can do with it, and still make it into a chic space. I am all about chic spaces!

P.S. Does anyone know where to find that type of french door in the St. Houzz Picture?

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