Monday, July 19, 2010

What to do with grey ♥

Anne Sage

I'm digging the dark grey, I would really like a client that is brave enough to try the dark grey!

The Lennox

Bear Hill Interiors

Something Apropos

Beautiful Living Blog


Never Without Blog

Pure Home Simply Beautiful Blog

Band Belle

House and Home

Looks so comfy.

Decor Pad

Windlost Blog

Interior Dezine

I love the wallpaper in this room, it makes such a huge statement. I will be doing a entire post on wallpaper, so keep in touch!


Decor Pad

I think this room is my favorite. Yellow is a hard color to work with and I think that it has found its match. Yellow and grey work so well with each other, so I tried to find a few examples. I also love the different texture used, the animal print rug, the fuzzy blankets draped over the chairs, the sleek floor, and the sleek leather on the chairs. That chandelier is beyond beautiful, I want to recreate this room soooo badly!

Anne Sage

The grey is very faint, but this room is just to precious with the purple and grey!

Farm 3

Grey is color you paint a room that you want to feel relaxed in. It is such a soothing color and very chic. Grey is just the beginning of the many posts I will be posting on color. Whether you paint a whole room, a single wall, or use it in accent pieces, these pictures will show you how to use your favorite color, or colors in your home in a tasteful way.


  1. Ok, you've got me drooling a little over here...I dig gray, too. I've been dying to paint most of my house different shades of gray, and do maybe an alternating flat and semi-gloss vertical stripe down a long, skinny entry hall. What do you think? And I want those mochatini and first Anne Sage rooms badly. Like, right now. Can you hear me stomping my feet? They're fierce and very much me. Love the pom pom trim on the Farm 4 img. How fun is that? And your fave from decorpad is way cool. It looks like it was shot in black and white and then just the sofa was in color. So dramatic! Love the mix in the 2nd Anne Sage room. Its dreamy. And the Farm 3 pic looks like something Vicente Wolf would do, it looks like I imagine heaven looks. Thanks for all the gorgeous images!

  2. I'm glad you liked them!!! The idea for the stripes, LOVE IT. I love striped walls, especially in small spaces. I've been wanting to do a stripe wall on one of my own walls, but I can't cause I rent!:( But i did talk my grandmother into doing in it her maine bathroom, I advised her to use the same shade but use flat, and semi-gloss like you said. She did it and it looked awesome, it looked so elegant!! So DO IT!! :) I too, have been giving a lot of advice on painting rooms grey, people usually say how boring and dull it is, but it so far from that. As you can see I dig grey to is the color of my blog, and my room. ;) So glad you enjoyed my images!!!!

  3. One of my very favorite interior colors! What a nice post and I am with you on your pick- so fabulous!


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