Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Playing With Pink ♥

Maison D'ETRE

Bossy Color Blog

ihouse designs
This is a very chic design. I love everything about this space; the wallpaper adds so much to the room. The sofa is pink yet still retains a sophisticated look.

Dreaming in Pink Blog


Zunigain Interiors Blog

Country Living

Rajee Sood Blog
Green and pink always work so well together

Charming Innovations

My Home Ideas
This room is simply lovely. It shows you how to use pink in subtle ways and still make a statement.

Photo Bucket
This bold of a room would probably work best for a college girl or bachelorette. Many women love pink but for someone with a husband, this spaces would not work, unless he was very understanding.

Country Living
I like everything about this room except the rug, it feels too old for the space. The rest of the space is young and fresh.

The black side table/dresser is a great idea for those like myself who enjoy refurbishing furniture.

Pink is another one of those colors that is best used as an accent color. If it's your favorite color and would love to use it in your home, use some of the ideas above to help you decide how you would like to display the pink. I personally love pink and used it in my bedroom as an accent color with grey, and it looks really cute. It gives my room a girly flare. As we all know, pink is usually used in little girls rooms to express femininity. But when we all grow up and still like little things that make us feel like a kid, why not throw in some pink to bring back the inner- sophisticated little girl. :)

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  1. I just adore pink... someday I want to have a perfectly pink closet/office... these rooms are all pulled off so effortlessly!


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