Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lovin Exposed Beams!!

Pic From: Decor Pad

Pic From: Southern Accents

Pic From: HGTV
Pic From: Blog Spot
Pic From: Holiday Rentals
Pic From: Decor Pad
Pic from: House and Home
Pic From: TC Villas
Pic From: Decor Pad
Pic From: Decorati
Pic From: HGTV

Pic From: Bevis-chram Realtor

As you can see in the images above there are many different ways to have exposed beams. A lot of the time the beams are there for actual support, but some times they are attached to the ceiling for a decorative touch. Beams are a simple way to make a statement in any room. The prices would range from fairly inexpensive to outrageously expensive. It would all depend on the type and size of wood. You also get two completely different looks, when using stained beams and painted. The stained is definitely more rustic, and the painted beams are a more fresh look. I used to hate the rustic kind, there were in my grandparents living room, when the renovated the house they painted over them, and at the time I thought that was a great idea. When it came time to sell the house I was admiring the ceiling and realized the beams would of looked so much better dark again, but the house sold anyways. So it is really up in the air for me which one I like better.

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