Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lovely Kitchens

Pic From: The Lennoxx

Pic From: HGTV

Pic From: 1912 Bungalow

Pic From: Furnishings @ Wordpress

Pic From:Cote de Texas

Pic From: Designer Kitchens

Pic From: Decor Pad

Pic From: HGTV Candice Olsen

Pic From: HGTV Candice Olsen

Pic From: Elle Decor

Pic From: Away Soiree

Pic From: HGTV Candice Olsen

Pic From: OC Register

I'm going to keep posting beautiful pictures like this because I want this to be something my potential clients look at for ideas for their spaces. It also is here for whom ever reads this that loves to look at interiors. When you do hire an interior decorator or designer it is always a good idea to do some of your own research. Pull pictures out of magazines, books, and the internet of interiors that catch your eye. That is something that I ask my clients to do, this makes it a lot easier to please them. It also eases their mind, knowing that their decorator is going to use ideas that they already approved of. So if you are planning to change your house around, whether its in a few weeks, months, or even years, collect as many pictures as you can!


  1. I've only used a decorator once, to help with ideas for window treatments. She had an enormous book of samples of window treatments that she pulled from all kinds of sources. She had me take the book and mark everything that I liked so she could get a feel for my style since we had just built our home and hadn't chosen new furniture.

    This is a great idea and so easy for your clients to be able to start their own inspiration file. Whenever I see a picture I love, I copy and paste it into a single file. It's a great way to stay organized.

    Best of luck in your career.

  2. Definitely a smart move! And the more photos you can have the better. It helps clients visually communicate what they may not be able to explain in words. Great imgs! I'm crazy about the top one (very me). The 2nd one grew on me- I'm not usually that traditional in taste, but I really love the sort of silvery taupe of the cabinetry. And I LOVE that ginormous island. I also like how a few others had, not just a 12" bar lip, but could actually double as a dining surface, like the one from Elle Decor and the one below it of Candice Olsen's.


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