Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I just might get my dream job after all!

 Soooo, I've been very busy the past few months trying to create my dream job. It took much convincing but it seems that we are going to be opening our very own event barn in June. We will be converting a barn on my grandparents farm, into a full service event venue. My mother and I have had a vision of what the barn would look like for years now, and it seems to good to be true that its is actually coming into place. The farm holds a very special place in my heart because it was my grandpas dream farm, and one of his favorite places in the world. I lost my grandpa when I was a Junior in High School, so he never got to see too many milestones in my life, I'm sure he's been there, just not in the flesh. Before he died he requested that his ashes be scattered at the farm, and of course we granted his wish. Atop the highest hill on the farm sits an 8' monument in his memory, it is now a landmark that will hold my grandfathers legacy forever. I know that my grandpa would of wanted his family to get pure joy from this place, as he did, and I plan to. I'm hoping that this will be the beginning of a wonderful career, in the job that I have always wanted. This will probably even be where I will get married, (a long time from now). So to know that this place that meant so much to him, and where his ashes lay, will be such a huge part of my life gives me great pleasure in knowing that he will be along for the ride. 

I will be posting pictures as the barn is being restored.

Below is just a little inspiration of barns as wedding venues.

This is stunning! 

So Chic!

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Luxe Film Creations Wedding Trailer


This is the wedding trailer I did for my cousins wedding, with my flip cameras. I started a side business where I send you a 2 flip cameras, and a check list of shots that are needed to make the video. You send the cameras back to me and I edit the movie. This is a cost effective way to get you big day on film. Visit today! The beginning of this video is a lot different from others I've done, it was really hard to capture. This was a surprise wedding and the beginning shows them telling their guest that they are actually there for their wedding. It was an hectic but amazing night! :)

 All my videos are in HD for some reason when I uploaded this one it has distorted the picture a bit. Check out the website for a better picture.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rustic Chic Secret Wedding

I recently was hired to decorate my cousins wedding. It wasn't just any wedding, it was a secret wedding. Where as the only people that knew there was going to be a wedding, was the bride, groom, mother of the bride, my mom and myself. This was a lot of fun! The guest were invited to an engagement party, when they showed up they were treated to cocktails out on the lawn, as the bride and groom mingled in there everyday casual wear, I could see some people start to question what was really going on. The bride and groom promptly left and then came out onto the deck to make a toast. That is where they made the announcement that they were really getting married. As soon as the announcement was over we had to spring into action as the bride and groom were changing my mother and I had to decorate the actual ceremony. It was a little hectic but tons of fun!!!! It was night that most guest will never forget, and I certainly won't forget, and most of all a night that my cousin will cherish forever. :)


The ceremony that was decorated in under 20 minutes! :) 
Luckily we laid string down the aisle earlier in the day so we would have a guide as to where to lay the rose petals. 

Reception Tablescape

I will put up the wedding trailer I made for their wedding in a couple days. 

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